Banana Holders - Bringing Unique Functionality And Style To The Kitchen

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When it comes to these seemingly bland kitchen accessories; initially there may not seem there is a lot of direction to go in terms of creativity and uniqueness. However, thanks to the influx of popularity in modern design, there are an increasingly growing amount of modern banana holders that exhibit very unique qualities.

Unique banana hangers come in a variety of shapes in sizes. From the currently dominant wood banana holder designs to the modernized metal banana holder designs, there options for just about any and all theme specific tastes. However, for those who enjoy a unique spin on somewhat generic accessories, there are a few unique banana holders that differ from more traditional designs.

Unique Banana Holders - Popular Styles and Designs

What sets unique banana holders apart from their generic counterparts is different details and alterations that the manufacturers add into the classic pedestal design. Whether the design is altered completely, or simply details are added into the arms or bases, there are many ways they go about making these changes. Currently, there are a few different models that are among the most popular; all exhibiting different elements that are exclusive to their design.

Scroll Design In Gauge Steel

This design is an example of the manufacturer making alterations to the classic design of the generic banana hanger. The steel has been manipulated in a swirl pattern for the base that adds a unique look to the normally bland look of a flattened base. Aside from the alterations to the base, the arm and hook combination has an accentuated curve giving it an almost abstract appeal that works well in most modern decor.

Monkey Banana Hanger In Aluminum Alloy

This monkey banana hanger is an example of the different whimsical details that can be added to these versatile accessories. This particular design exhibits a couple of monkeys climbing up the arm of the banana holder seemingly attempting to grab the bananas that are hanging from the hook. In most cases, designs such as this one will cost slightly more due to the quality of the product, as well as the extra time that goes into the detailing of the caricatures of the piece.

Plastic Banana Hook Design

This particular design is fantastic for those who lack counter space, or simply do not want another object on the counter. This style is a complete revamp of the generic pedestal model that is so prevalent in most other banana holders; cheap, effective, and easy to implement. Another good thing about holders that exhibit this design is that they are generally stronger and more durable in the sense of their functionality of holding bananas because most of the strain from the weight of the bananas lies on the hook and adhesive that is placed on the back edge of the cabinet.

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In all, unique banana holders supply an important functionality for the kitchen while simultaneously offering a unique styling element. Unfortunately, banana holders are commonly overlooked as a viable styling attribute for the kitchen.

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Banana Holders - Bringing Unique Functionality And Style To The Kitchen

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This article was published on 2011/01/05