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Bananas are one of the most beautiful gifts that God has given us. Bananas are used by athletes all over the world. Bananas are the core food in the dietary plan for people who do regular exercise. Because bananas provide the body with constant energy, and they are digested slowly, it makes an excellent food for the athletes. Let us look at how many calories a banana has.

* The amount of calories in a banana depends a lot on how ripened the fruit is. If the fruit is more ripened then it will have more sugar in it and subsequently there will be a low calorie level. The constitution of carbohydrates in a banana also depends on how ripened is the banana. Similarly if the banana is more ripened then it will have less starch.

* Is the banana gets more ripened, it becomes more easy to digest and its color gets more yellowish. These bananas have only 1% of the protein calories and 1 1/2 % calories are fats.

* Carbohydrates are the main source of calories in a banana. It depends on the quality of the banana that how many calories it contains.

* There are normally 260 calories in a banana which weigh 1 pound and is pealed.

* On average, you will find 80 calories in a small sized pealed banana.

* An average sized banana will have around 115 calories in it, but this is roughly speaking.

* A plantain banana small in size or more commonly known as the "Red bananas" will have about 115 calories in it. A "Red banana" which weighs around 1 pound will have around 400 calories in it.

* If you eat a banana half hour before you do your exercise, then it will provide you constant energy because it gets digested slowly.

* If you are looking to lose weight then you should not have bananas as part of your diet because they are very heavy in calories.

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Calories in a Banana

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This article was published on 2010/03/31