Medical Advantages of Calories in a Banana!

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A banana is one of the most used fruits that you will find worldwide. It is very easily available in the markets and if you use it regularly, you will find out first hand that it has a number of benefits. A banana can keep you healthy and keep your body fit. It can provide a lot of energy to your body and you can easily do heavy lifting for about 90 minutes with the usage of just one banana. That's how much energy you can get out of a single banana. Doctors always advice that patients who have stomach problems or who are ill and can't eat much that they take as many bananas as possible. That's because it is an instant source of energy for a human body. It is easily digestible and easy to take in.

A regular sized banana can give you around 100 calories. A small sized banana has 80 calories in it and a banana which weights around 1 pound can give you about 260 calories very easily. This is what is categorized has healthy food. Everyone should add banana to their dietary plan because it is such a beneficial fruit. People who go to gym and do heavy training or athletes who train for their games like cycling, racing etc. take a lot of bananas in their diet. That's what keeps then strong, fit and healthy. Banana is really a wonderful god given gift to us and we should be very thankful for that.

In addition to all these benefits, banana has fibers, proteins, and very little amount of fats that helps keeping the body fit and does not allow to the body to gain fat. So a banana is very useful for people who are looking to reduce weight because it helps to control the weight very efficiently.

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Medical Advantages of Calories in a Banana!

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This article was published on 2010/03/30